Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Veda Nidhi Project - Info 6

Part 3 – Analysis of Vedic Texts in Modern Context

The Final part of the project is to establish relevance of Vedic Text in contemporary world.

  • There are many organisations, engaged in correlating various modern technological and scientific aspects to various verses/ phrases of Veda. 
  • Many seminars are organised to unearth the meaning of the Mantras/ texts. The relevance of this discovery, at best could be of psychological satisfaction of having achieved the correlation. 
  • But, this research in primary stages might not be of great help to the scientific establishment, with modern scientific methods.
Current Efforts
  • With the blessings of Sri Swamiji, an institution, to pursue scientific research in Indian Texts is established. As an affiliate of Avadhoota Datta Peetham, this institution regularly conducts conferences, workshops and publishes literary works in this sphere, with the active participation of distinguished academics.

Possible avenues of Action
  1. To strengthen the nascent bondage between modern scientific establishment and tradition
  2. To Include mathematical principles, that enhance value of the education system in contemporary text books
  3. To initiate research on management principles, business and administrative ethics, envisaged in Veda 
  4. To propagate the immortal social values envisaged in Veda Dharma, and to include them in the social sciences of current day
  5. To give impetus to the growth of Research based on the concepts envisaged in Veda
  6. To establish relevance of Samskruta as a mother language to cater to the needs of  contemporary society
  7. To introduce Samskruta as a language in primary schools
  8. To Popularise Vedic Scientific terms by publishing the Encyclopaedia/ Thesaurus 
  9. To Training Science graduates in Sanskrit and the Scientific terms in Sanskrit
  10. To initiate projects by research students in Universities   
  11. To arrange Introductory courses for bright Sastra Scholars in modern aspects of Science, so that they can also assist the research projects, as compilers and arrangers 
  12. To constitute a committee of language experts to derive equivalent terms for scientific, business, technological and  administrative terms for Indian Languages; so that current day usage is in line the terms (as done by Germans and Japanese)

Saango Vedo (A)dhyeyo Jneyascha

What is in the nutshell?

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