Thursday, 24 November 2011

Key to Happiness

Every one wants to be happy? Is it not?
Then, what is the key to happiness - is the most nagging question, for which almost every creature is groping continually. Normally attribute happiness to attaining/ acquiring possession or retaining it. 
(Needless to say, Failure to do the same will result in unhappiness.)
But, the key to attain ever lasting Happiness is to realise that you are happy by nature - say Vedas.
निरतिशय सुखस्वरूपमात्मानम् वेद।
How is this possible?
Tell your mind about this fact. Constant Reminders will help a lot.
Read the latest scientific data from Italy about this aspect. 
Scientific evidence now suggests that one cn boost up one's mood by training the brain to do so.
People who are content are believed to live longer, form healthy relationships and are less inclined to turn to crime, psychotherapist Christine Webber writes in the Daily Mail.
According to Webber, recent developments in neuroscience have found the brain forms new neural connections in life, and when a person is joyful, that part of the brain structure is found to become active that registers happiness.
Italian psychiatrist Giovanni Fava, in his study, encouraged his patients to keep a diary and record in it all their happy moments.
He found that once people wrote down details of positive moments, happy feelings took root in their minds, Webber noted.
According to some researchers, individuals who are optimistic tend to deal with life's downturn better than those who are less upbeat.

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