Friday, 23 September 2011

Vaccination or No Vaccination?

Vaccination improves Body Immunity, But ...
It could impair the body's ability to develop resistance .. is the alternative view. Let us understand that perspective thru the personal experience of a Health Journalist.
It was a year before her daughter was born that health journalist Reba came across anti-vaccination literature.
“I was intrigued and started reading what was written about vaccines with my husband. I also talked to doctors and other experts. There was no absolute proof that vaccines are either safe or effective. We resolved that if we had a child we would never subject her or him to any kind of vaccination,” Reba Paul, the editor of Health CafĂ©, told this newspaper.
Three months after the pledge was taken, Reba became pregnant. The child, who has been kept away from vaccines as if they were the plague, is now three-and-a-half years old.
“Except for the mild fever associated with the sprouting of a new tooth, Eva has been absolutely free of childhood infections,” Reba said.
According to her, controlled group studies carried out in the West have shown that non-vaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated ones. A child’s ability to fight infection, Reba says, is connected more with a good diet and sanitary surroundings than vaccines in the blood stream.
“For the first six months I gave my child only breast milk and nothing else. After that I added fruits and coconut milk. A child's digestive system is not powerful enough to digest cereals,” Reba says.
What scared Reba the most about vaccines was the presence of metals like mercury and aluminum in them. “How can I subject my child to vaccinations when I won’t even dare to give her toys coated with these metals?” she asks. She is also alarmed by the frequency of the vaccinations.
“These injections are administered when the child's internal systems are at a tender stage of development. I simply could not allow stuff like mercury and aluminum to be deposited in my baby's nervous system,'' she says.
The main reasons for paediatric problems, according to Reba, are bad food choices and unwanted vaccinations.
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Thank u for this wonderful article Vamshiji! I have been searching for people supporting this concept of anti vaccination! we are blessed with three kids who are not vaccinated till date! I too believe in natural immunity!