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East and North! What is so special about them?

Indian Tradition accords greater Importance to East and North Directions. Orientation towards these two directions, is associated with our daily rituals, prayers, house constructions, office arrangements etc.

What is the basis for this? Let us analyse. (Unless we are sure of the reason, we can not answer this question. More thoughts are welcome in this regard)
  1. Every Sutra Kaara (Sages, laying down the principles of life) have stipulated that one should face East at first instance or North occasionally.
  2. Vaastu Sastra texts have laid importance to the Eastern Orientation of the house, so that rising Sun rays have appropriate entry into the house.
  3. Correlating with Sun Rise Direction, every explanation/ division comparison in Vedic Texts normally starts with East and Ends with North.
  4. North is traditionally described to be on the higher point, alluding to the current day practices of Atlas/ Map drawing with North on the top.
Some of the probable factors for these logical recommendations:
  1. Surya (Sun) rises in the direction of east. Those who face the direction, especially during Sun Rise, tend to benefit from the Rising Sun Rays. Rising Sun is always a symbol of Enlightenment. Thus, the Eastern Direction is favoured.
  2. Earth is revolving around itself in the counter - clockwise direction (Apradakshina Maarga). Hence, those who face east  are orienting themselves towards the direction of moment. Hence, irrespective of Sun Rise factor, this is a preferred direction during all times.
  3. Earth is a huge magnet,  whose poles are in the directions of North and South. Hence, Northern direction has an influnce in the ascension.
Now it is time for us to look at a scientific experiment, conducted at Chennai way back in 1985. Please read the abstract.

Effect of Magnetic Micropulsations on the Biological Systems
A Bio- Environmental Study
S Subrahmanyam, PV Sanker Narayan  and TM Srinivasan
During the last decade considerable interest has been evinced by scientists on the possible influence of earth’s electro magnetic environment on human and animal physiology. While some studies on this topic have been reported from high magnetic latitude  (such as USSR and Central Europe); no work has been done in very low latitude and equatorial regions. 
The present study, undertaken to fill this gap, has been carried out at the low latitude of Chennai (magnetic dip 10). Pulsating Magnetic Fields in the frequency range of 0.01 Hz to 20 Hz and with amplitudes of +/-5 and +/- 50 gamma were impressed on test animals, normal human subjects and Yoga Practitioners lying supine inside a 4- member Fanselau-Braunbeck Coil System with head oriented in the four cardinal directions with respect to earth’s magnetic field.
The entire set of exposures of the test animals and humans were given under two ambient magnetic fields; namely, against full local geomagnetic field of about 40,000 gamma and half this value. In the animals ECG, EEG, Tail Blood Flow, and Respiration were recorded continously on a polygraph.
The bio-chemical tests carried out were post prandial blood sugar, serum cholesterol and plasma cortisol. Neurochemical assays of Noradrenaline, Adrenaline, Dopamine, Serotonin and 5 Hydroxy Indole Acetic Acid were done on the brain tissue, myocardium and adrenal glands, immediately after complete set of exposures of the animals in all four orientations.
Motor Activity and Rectal Temperature were also noted before and after the exposures. The Control Animals were also subjected to exactly the same investigations as the test animals without, however exposing them to magnetic fields.
These observations revealed some decisive changes in certain parameters for certain frequencies of the impressed field and also in specific orientations of the test animals. Similar studies carried on normal human subjects and practicitioners of Yoga nad Meditation also showed certain decisive changes in the electro physiology, neurochemistry and bio chemistry; when oriented to North and East.
The North Orientation appeared to induce inhibition of brain electrical activity and associated neurochemcial and biochemical changes; where as East Orientation showed a response of calm and blissful alertness. 
Thus we can understand the scientific factors responsible for our traditional recommendations and stipulations. It is better for us to attempt to understand/ analyse the possible factors along with the quest for the source texts, while following the  traditions, without ever thinking of discontinuation.
Then, our quest will move in the correct direction.

(More to follow in the series .....)

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